Range of warp and clothing fabrics

LUXPOL-BIS is a well known and highly esteemed manufacturer of warp fabrics, polyester fabrics, velvet fabrics, and many more. Thanks to our advanced machinery fleet, we can deliver any order while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Clothing fabrics

We offer quality fabrics for the production of:

  • tracksuits,
  • sportwear,
  • T-shirts,
  • shorts,
  • housecoats,
  • gowns.

Velvet fabrics

Our range includes a wide selection of colours and fabrics for:

  • toys,
  • haberdashery,
  • house footwear,
  • car accessories.

Mesh fabrics

Mesh fabrics for the production of:

  • T-shirts,
  • shorts,
  • linings.

A-grade quality.

Lining fabrics

We offer a wide range of plain lining fabrics.

Top quality guaranteed.

Technical fabrics

Our range also includes fabrics for the production of sandpaper.

The samples shown below are examples of our fabric range.

Our fabrics are used by manufacturers and suppliers of:

  • toys
  • clothes and footwear
  • underwear, corsets and bras
  • furniture
  • decorating services
  • abrasive products
  • textile laminates
  • medical and rehabilitation equipment
  • blankets and wool products
  • mattresses and bedclothes
  • technical products
  • and more

Since 2002, we have held a “Child-safe” certificate and a certificate of “Compliance with PN and EN standards” issued by the Łódź Institute of Knitting Techniques and Technologies.

If you would like to learn more about our offer, contact us.